Startup companies have to face many hurdles in initial phases to sustain in the business such as, availability of sufficient cash flow, human resource, infrastructure etc. RAURnet IT Solutions helps Startups set up their businesses with profitable, scalable, robust, and rapid IT solutions. We help them foster their dreams and channelize their innovative business ideas into huge ventures. RAURnet IT offers incubation startup services to overcome various challenges such as, financial, infrastructural, and technological.



RAURnet IT mentors the start-up businesses to establish in the most productive way. However, doing so is not an easy task as there are many hitches to that such as the confidentiality of the business idea. As we all know ideas are dime-a-dozen and not a limited resource, so we need to keep a check on its non-disclosure.


Strategy Building

We at RAURnet IT Solutions assist our start-ups through a planning & implementation strategy. We offer Business Intelligence Solutions and KPI Reporting & Analysis to the clients for helping them in earning their business needs. We undertake clients projects and help them in managing the coordination and work process.


Resource Pool

RAURnet IT provides dedicated resource pool to the startups that include skilled professionals who have expertise in delivering quality applications along with adequate management skills, Staff Augmentation Services, Testing & QA lab well equipped with latest testing tools, etc. We facilitates skilled resources in less capital.


Minimum Viable Product

RAURnet IT has the indispensable skill-set to develop viable products that can give client the much needed competitive edge. We focus on development needs and deploy the product with all the features required. Our product delivery process includes product maintenance, migration & upgrade, quality control, and product training.



RAURnet IT ensures that Startup services go through the verification process by offering Independent Testing Services for Web Applications & Mobile Apps including component & unit testing, functional & performance testing, security & compatibility testing, usability & system testing.


Go Live

RAURnet IT is in the ongoing process of delivering an ample of Go Live projects for startups. Go Live is another lucrative process that ensures user acceptance testing, release of documents & plans, deployment on LIVE server, knowledge transfer, demo & training, client review & feedback, and feedback integration.


Business Upgrade & Maintenance

We make sure that the product for startups does not become obsolete with the constant changing telecom business revolution. RAURnet IT offers upgrade and maintenance services to make our product compatible to function on every new widget in the marketplace..


Business Training

WE at RAURnet IT impart regular trainings to the startup team experts on latest technologies and platforms. We have various E-learning software & portals for revamping the performance of individuals as well as teams in our startup organizational structure.

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