Corporate websites and web app solutions have eventually become more complex with the advancement of industrial technologies and methodologies. Gone are the days when websites used to be a single way static communication medium. Nowadays, a constant creation and innovation of product applications is what we need to be in-sync with the ever growing diverse expectations of our clients. RAURnet IT is one podium where not only the products are developed but also are conceptualized, designed, and tested. Migration service to other platforms is an add-on that provides a cutting-edge to us over other market competitors.

New Product Development Process

The journey of creating a new product is like a development cycle containing multiple steps. These production phases include conceptualization, designing, development, and deployment of application.

Product Maintenance & Enhancement

Once the product is developed our job does not end there. Since we have taken responsibility of providing a solution, Product Maintenance & Enhancement is very important.

Product Migration & Upgrade

RAURnet IT delivers the product on the strategy of ‘Do it correct in the first time itself’. This means that we emphasize on time and quality both when it comes to product release.

Product Quality Controls

When we talk about enhancement, it is not only the products that need upgrade but also the human resource that needs restoration. In order to work on latest trends & technologies, we train our competent professionals.

Product Training & Development

RAURnet IT being an Independent Project Management solution provider takes the ownership for the entire project; in so doing deliver inclusive management services such as, definition, leadership, planning, management, control, and thriving delivery of projects.

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