In past few years there has been a massive increase in popularity of Smartphone Apps. People cherish to spend most of their time on apps. The statistics clearly shows App Store, 85 billion downloads to October 2014; Google Play, 50 billion downloads to January 2014. Keeping these facts in mind, RAURnet IT Solutions offers customized mobile app development services according to the needs of the clients. We are a mobile application company that has developed more than 100+ mobile applications including services such as, Native & Cross Platform Apps Development, Mobile Apps Porting & Migration, and Quality Testing & QA. It is due to these incredible features that RAURnet IT Solutions has been able to be one of the best iPad application development agencies in California and there is lot more that is yet to be discovered.


Native Mobile Apps

RAURnet IT Solutions is a credible mobile app development company offering rapid, reliable, and robust mobile applications for smart phones. The User Interface is sleek and receptive for amazing user-experience and response. Native Apps are specifically designed and coded for a single platform that can exploit all the features of the target devices and OS.


Cross Platform Mobile Apps

We offer Cross Platform Mobile App Development Services for businesses to develop “Ready to market” mobile apps enabling them to rapidly launch their apps on different OS. Cross Platform Mobile Apps are useful as they decrease costs thereby saving up to 60% of the development cost thereby enhancing the development time.


Mobile Apps for Porting and Migration

Our Porting & Migration services help clients in assuring the performance of their apps on different platforms and versions of OS. We optimize the mobile apps for diversified platforms and devices through advanced technologies and development approaches without losing any data and performance index. These services not only reduce time to new product market but also increase customer base and satisfaction.


Testing and Quality Assurance of Mobile Apps

RAURnet IT Solutions is among the unsurpassed iOS app developers in the USA and we understand that mobile apps QC & QA is lot more than just the software testing automation. Therefore, we offer eminent services and to achieve that quality bar, we test the functionality of mobile applications in the mobile ecology; before signing it off for the launch of any mobile app in the market.

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